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Having read all the postings in this particular area it is interesting to see how many people are doing travel this term. I was wondering-does everybody work to a topic or are there some settings that do something different? If you do what do you do?


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We use the 'stepping stones' scheme for our topics at the moment, but are talking about stopping this, and using the children's ideas as far as we can.


These ideas would not impact on all areas in the nursery, only in a few relevant ones. If chn have a particular interest in something, their interest in related activities will be greater. For example, a child who plays power rangers as much as possible but never goes to the book area might be interested in a power rangers story if it was available. We will also do festivals, and weather/season topics.


It is interesting that during our ofsted inspection, the inspector commented on how good it was that our activities tied in with the topic. We have decided since then that if a child really was not interested in that topic, then how exciting was nursery for them that week? Obviously this is dependent on the inspector and their views but that is for another forum!


Why should we only 'do' fruit, pets, etc when it's that week - you could miss out on some great opportunities.



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