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hi, as I have mentioned on other posts I am still training on a GTP but qualify in a couple of weeks (hopefully) and I have already been offered the job to work in reception/ year 1 class in september. Basically as it is now is horrible. We vaguely do Foundation Stage and base planning on the FS curriculum but our classroom is not set up for it at all (no areas etc). We have only in the last month or so set up observations and a folder to document the childrens learning bacause I did this off my own back once I realised how important it was to be doing!!


So basically my question is what advice would you all give me for starting a FS unit from scratch. I want to set up areas etc but I am feeling a bit daunted by the prospect at the moment! We dont have many resources so what would be the main things you suggest I'd try and buy before Sept??


Also how should I work the recption/year 1 issue? at the moment we do FS and no KS1-this is a special school and all of the children are working below KS1 but I feel we surely have some legal obligation to do it?? Also should I continue the profile next year with my year 1's or start using p-levels?


thanks for all your advice! It really is needed!!!


All of this on my mind and I'm trying to finish off all of my evidencing of standards so I actually qualify!!!!




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Well, good luck with all your challenges!


Have you read the articles about Foundation Stage Units?


They can be found here and here!


There is also a dedicated Foundation Stage Unit part to the forum which you can find here. :)

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yeah ive read the articles but waiting till ive got more time after my assessment to digest properly!! just wondered if anyone on here had any must do tips



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My advice is to look at the space you have and how you can best use it. How many children/adults? Access to outdoors? Security? Existing resources?

Make lists............ then more lists.

We set up last September but were already an Early Years Unit so were quite well resourced. Our big thing was getting rid of tables and chairs and opening up spaces but making sure all areas had a clear purpose.

We have indoors

A writing area

2 mark making areas (1 small/1 large)

role play




book corner

fine motor area




DT workshop




block play


wet/dry sand



3 ICT areas (2 PCs and Interactive whiteboard) plus things like electronic instruments CD players Bee Bots Roamer programable toys that can be in or outdoors

and outdoors

writing area


digging pit

veg plot


sound making




role play

physical (gross and fine)


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thanks, thats really helpful. that does seem like a lot to fit all in one space.


Does anyone possibly have any pictures of their classroom to show me how it practically works?


I think i might try and make lists before summer and try and piece it all together in the hols. also we are moving to a new classroom in oct/nov so i guess the first term in the old classroom will give me chance to try things out with the opportunity to change it all around again in the new room.




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