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Feeling A Bit Sad


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hi everyone.

I've just found out that the holiday club i supervise is going to fold at the end of the summer (unless a miricle happens and hundreds of children come flooding in!).

We've tried everything to keep it afloat but nothing has worked. We've put it down to us being in such a remote area. We had only a handful of children book for this half term, so decided not to open.


Its a real shame, we had some great children attending, who really enjoyed themselves.


I'm really stuck now though. This job was keeping my finances in order whilst im at uni, so now im left looking for a new job!



never mind, im sure something will turn up.

Thanks for listening!!


laura x x

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Oh, Sorry to hear your news Laura,


We are currently asking parents if they want a Summer Club ( because throughout the year they ask for one) as yet little response. Asking for a service to be provided and actually booking to use the service appear to be contradictory in terms of numbers actually commiting to it.


Hopefully your parents will "use" a Summer club, rather than lose the service altogether. Maybe it is just a case of times the service is available, or some other factor other than just not requiring it. How flexible is the service? Have the parents been asked what "type" or "content" of service they really want, need and will use?


If it really does have to close, long term, then I wish you all the best in finding some other enjoyable source of financing your studies.

Best of luck.



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Hi Laura that is sad news I hope you find something as worthwhile in the near future. Good luck, things tend to happen for a reason and something good will maybe come out of it.

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Thanks for your comfort!


we had tried all manner of things,

we asked parents about opening and closing times - all said it was fine bc we run at the same hours as school,

we offered sessions as well, if parents didn't want to use a full day.

each subsequent child in a family was cheaper - to try to keep their costs down.


but it got to the stage where on some days (not all) we were opening for two or three children, and although they loved it, it wasn't doing the cash flow any favours!


i guess it just wasn't meant to be!

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Hi Laura,


My last job was working for the local EYDCP, helping nurseries, pre-schools and out-of-school clubs to recruit. The out-of-school clubs really struggle to recruit, especially someone like you who has experience. As sad as it may be, I am sure that you will be snapped up if this does happen.


Keep your eye out on This Link


If you go to your authority on the map, and then click on Local Information, most authorities advertise childcare job vacancies on there. You never know, something might turn up,


Good luck



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thankyou shelley, i know when i started at the club the committee said they found it hard to get people to stay bc once their qualified they want to work full time all year or have holidays when their children do.


the website is great and i will keep my eye on it for new vacancies!

laura x

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