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what qualities / experiences would you lok for in a manager?


what is more important, qualifications being up to date and to a high level, or practical experience of doing the job?


what other attributes would a succesful candidate have to have?




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Qualifications and experience are both important but I think the most important attribute is a positive, can do, attitude and outlook. Someone who is open to suggestions, a team leader, interested in solving problems not blaming someone.


I'm sure there's an article on here somewhere about preparing for an interview which is very good.


Just my initial thoughts!



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See my response to your other post. You currently work with a person who has all the qualities for a manager.


The 7 roles of management are;


Planning - ( not just curriculum)








These skills can be gained through both achieving academic qualifications and practical experience. I personally feel that attitude is the most important factor, if your attitude fits with the ethos, values, beliefs, goals of the organisation you wish to be a manager for, then you are half way there. If their ethos etc goes against your own principles then think carefully about whether you want or can face the challenge of making others change their attitudes, or fitting in with attitudes that conflict with yours.


It can be a lonely place being the manager / owner, no-one really understands the stress, endless paperwork, time consuming staff, parent and child issues that are faced every day, the responsibility when things go wrong, but the sense of achievement, making a difference, seeing professional development within the staff team, valued trust from a parent and a child developing even the smallest step forward compensates for all the niggly "I've got better things to do with my time than...." situations.

( is that the longest sentence or what!!)


Have courage in your knowledge of your own abilities and skills.




p.s. The pay is never enough but hey, that's nothing new :o

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