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Presentation Ideas.help Please


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Got to do a presentation at uni on My Developing Philosophy for Early years education .I have some ideas but would appreciate any input from anyone

Thank you


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oooh, quite broad. do you want ideas on our beliefs, or on presentation methods?

What have you got so far?


I once did a time line from Aristotle to current day, top row, theorists, middle row, social events ie: world war 2 ( linked with McMillans above -ish), bottom line dates.


This actually showed how theories go around in circles, ie: a factory owner first bought in early years services for his workers ( sorry, late can't remember his name - Brown I think) and what are the current government doing now!!! funding early years services to enable parents into work.


Have I helped or confused. :o



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Like you I thought quite broad but I thought I would narrow it dowm to my Philosophy on Ey education and have sort of thought about putting it into sections such as


child centred




Physical development


what do you think

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I think your headings will help to look at the different aspects of EY education, one other I would add would be Quality assurance. Sorry minds a bit blank this morning, some comment on how the effectiveness of education is measured, the contraversial issues of SAT testing, testing young children and how the requirment to do this can effect the quality of Play, teaching and learning. ( if you know what I mean) :o


basically, Assessment.


thinking as I write, does it show???? xD:(



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thanks Peggy

I will mention that also .Early years people are used to thinking on their feet so I consider it a talent .Once again thank you for your input :)


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