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I don't know whether anyone can help with this one, but here goes....


I'm about to start a job in a new nursery which is lucky to be able to offer access to acres of grounds as well as a secure garden. When exploring the various different, areas we want to be able to use a visible barrier beyond which the children are not allowed to go! Although the children will of course be supervised, we will have carried out a risk assessment in the contained area clearing it, or minimising any potential hazards.

The 'barrier' of course needs to be easily transportable and quick to put up and not too expensive.


I've been looking on the internet without much success. All I have found which may be suitable (due to cost implications) is a kind of traffic cone which has webbing tape attachments. Do you think this would be suitable?

Does anyone have any other ideas or web sites I could try?


I know this is a strange one, but if anyone can help I'd be very grateful.


Thanking you all in advance (and hope!)




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Hi Monica,


Not as strange a request as you might imagine. :D There was a very old conversation which can be found here. Maybe now that we have many more members, there will be more ideas forthcoming though. :)

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