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Do your settings have your Ethos, Vision and Values as a written document?


My nursery doesn't appear to have ever decided what their Ethos and Vision is, and I think that going back to basics would sort out a lot of things, and make people think about what we're actually doing.


Does anyone have any good examples, or tips on how to go about getting the team to form them - and then put it all into practice?



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The principles of the FSC & BTTM are a good starting point for discussion on what principles ( values & beleifs) look like.


Many settings have a statement of Aim, such as A safe secure environment, with qualified staff etc.


These Aims need to be S.M.A.R.T. if they are to be effective, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time manageable. For example one of mine are "Children have the right to express their own views"

This is specific about their rights and what right I am refering to.

Measurable through observations of when children do express their own views.

Achievable because we are able to give children opportunities to speak their own minds.

Realistic because the children can speak or express views through body language and staff are able to interpret their expressions.

Time manageable because time is given at specific times such as circle/news time and time is always given to listen to children throughout the sessions.


I have attached my Aims and Objectives, another way to say Ethosand values. Our vision is not so clear in our aims and objectives although overall development opportunities for the children is part of our vision. This is more defined in our business plan which is a seperate document and our vision changes more than our aims and objectives, ie sustainability is a new vision.

I have summed up our vision in our mission statement.

Hope this helps.



p.s. The attachment is normally produced on a three fold leaflet made in publisher.


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just like to add that you are quite right, it is very useful for everyone to include all the staff in looking at why they do their job, how, in terms of attitudes and all working towards the same aims / goals in the same way.



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Thanks Peggy - that's been really useful. Have certainly got my thinking cap on!


Have a staff meeting soon so would like to make it the focus of the meeting. Think I'll get the staff to do some preparation work ready for it,



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I discovered a nursery web-site, and they asked the parents to write their nursery ethos for them, based on how they viewed the setting (they were obviously a good one!).


The ethos was really inspiring.


I asked the Quality Assurance lady about this today, and she said to go for it. It would certainly be a good way to show how we work with parents, and Ofsted will love it!!


Perhaps we'll wait just a little bit longer until we've worked on a few more things first!!

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That sounds like a great idea. :D


Can you put in a link to the site or give us the address?





Darn - I can't find the name of the site I got it from. I did copy the statement down though: 'The warmth, sensitivity and pleasure that the practitioners display towards the children ensures that they learn in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere' (apologies if the owner of this nursery is on the forum - I hope you don't mind me quoting it?!?!).


The other nursery site that I found inspiring, that I did write the address to was www.southill.net/



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Hi Shelley


I've got some info on 'vision' here is it, hope it might help, they are from training notes so hope they make sense! :o:D




A leader shapes and shares a vision which gives point to the work of others” Thomas Handy (OHP)


Which comes first the sharing of the vision or the reflection on your own practice? What is ‘vision’? Vision is about seeing where you want to go, where your want the setting to go to develop, evolve and move forward. To have a vision to share, you have to be able to reflect on what happens within your setting, how you see the setting moving forward and then developing a vision and share that with your team.


The first question you have to ask yourself is, ‘as a leader in my setting what are my goals for the setting, do you know? your vision?‘


these need to be clear, concise and achievable, you cannot achieve these goals on your own, you have to share them with your team and inspire and motivate them to share your vision and work to achieve it, thus giving direction and purpose.


It is therefore your vision that provides direction for the setting, bringing about cohesion and teamwork.


The second, third and fourth questions, have a greater emphasis on reflection and you need to ask yourself them regularly to ensure the vision is shared


‘how confident are you that your team, share, understand and are aware of your vision?’


‘how do you know?’


‘how do you convey your vision?’


to answer these questions you have to be honest, if you called a staff meeting tomorrow and asked them what is your vision for the nursery, how do you think they would respond?


Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower (OHP)


In the sharing and developing of the vision, it is important to welcome new ideas and contributions which can enhance the vision and help to move the whole team forward.


As a leader and sharer of the vision you have to at all times lead by example in all aspects of your work, you need to show you practice what you preach and believe whole heartedly in your vision.


Reflecting on your own role:


Are you providing the right type of leadership and acting as a positive role model for your team?

Are you providing your team with support to help them achieve the vision, develop and move forward?


Give time to reflect, any comments?


An important aspect of this is motivation and your ability and effectiveness in motivating the team.


To motivate your team, you need to reflect and regularly ask yourself the following questions:



What opportunities have I provided for staff to contribute new ideas and develop their capabilities?


In what ways have I stressed the importance of the work of every member of staff?


How often do I provide feedback about staff performance?


How can I ensure the status and responsibility of staff is recognised and valued?


Give time to reflect, any comments?


Sharing the vision and motivating staff can at times feel like an uphill struggle, however, if you can inspire and motivate and identify the best ways to share the vision and involve all staff, you will achieve so much. A vision can only be achieved and realised if it is shared.

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Thank-you so much Jenny. I'll print that out and definitely use it.


The hard part will be putting it all into practice - something which I am determined to do. I'm the sort of person who wants everything done straight away, and people keep reminding me that things take time - something which I'm trying to learn!!



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