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:o has anyone ever planned in a superhero topic?


our children are absolutely mad about superheroes this year (girls and boys) so we've planned in a topic for after half term... just wondered if anyone had done it before and has any ideas.


we're going to do a lot of comic book work, and comparing the comics to the films... I also want to look at how the sound effects in films create mood and try overlaying different soundtracks to action sequences to see what the children think!

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Hi Paul.


Nursery Education covered Superhero planning in April 2006. You can find downloadable sheets etc here. Have fun!!



cheers for the speedy replies... I'll let you know how it goes... I know I've already been roped into dressing up as Batman at the end of the first week... and a Fairy :o at the end of the second! eeeek


Photos will not be attached xD

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