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Just looking at planning for next half term! Anyone got any nice ideas for Rosies Walk - or some planning I could have a look at!


Many Thanks


Katie x

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We watched the video of this at a recent training day - it was great! (especially the music).

You could do positional language in a play farm setting. Map making (3D?). Sequencing events.

That's all I can think of for now.

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I'm sure Iv'e seen something similar at a recent Foundation Stage training event. In the film clip we saw the children went on their own "Rosies Walk" around the setting following clues to find "Rosie" they then sat down to a picnic that the children had made and packed as part of the lesson. When the children made the sandwiches for the picnic they chose their own filling and method of packaging such as foil, cling film, paper bags, etc.


I hope this helps.

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Just did this last week. We also retold story with small world farm and laminated characters on lollipop sticks. made sails of a windmill and stuck it on a farm building.

One huge success we had was to say positional words and ask children to find something to go under, over, across. e.t c

Also did a text for them that said Rosie went at the beginning of every line and modelled reading. I siad I did it so they could help me read as the words were small.

Some children drew a map of Rosies walk.

Also used a remote control toy with the children and visited directional language. We said we could make it go on a Rosies walk.

With map drawing we discussed straight and curved lines.

Hope that helps a bit.


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We did an ad hoc activity based on reading the story at home time- turned furniture upside, drapes as pond etc to represent different features and children were able to complete Rosies journey- I was the fox. Could better do this using both the inside and outside if planned rather than just as fun as we did. we also created a story board over a week with the children last year which the children really valued rather than me putting things out- the 3D storyboard lasted weeks with children returneing to it frequently to retell/ act out story


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mj-led -


I know exactly the video you're talking about. I've got it at work and am turning myself inside out trying to remember the document it came with!!!!!!! :(


Although I'm Daycare, I happen to be off now until after half term, so may not be able to help till then!!


It was on a dvd/cd rom that came with one of those blue-y things they send out every so often.......oh, so technical xD


Sue :o

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