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think I am having a thick moment, and just need a bit of inspiration as am feeling that numeracy carpet sessions based around calculating are getting a bit stale, does anyone have any good ideas that really work well for them, cheers


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Two recent ideas

1) use this rhyme

1 sticky lollipop stuck on a stick.

Add another lollipop to lick lick lick.

Ask how many there will be next e.t.c

Children are the lollipops and the last one up chooses the next one to come out. Finish with no more lollipops to lick, lick, lick

2) small group game -Make a bus outline on A 4 and laminate, with 10 windows-5 up, 5 down.

Make an addition and subtraction card. I wrote add + more, on one, and take away - less on the other. Then you need a die and some small world people.

Different nos people on bus to start and its the bus stop when the die comes round, choose a - or + card (up side down) and roll the die do people get on or off.

You can also use the card to add upstairs and downstairs people.

sure there are lots more ideas out there


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Get some egg boxes (1 per child) and cotton reels in 2 colours. Everyone fills their egg box and then you can get people to say what they've got '2 blue and 4 yellow - that makes 6' or you can have them say 'I've got 2 blue' and others work out how many yellow. We use egg boxes for counting with little ones too. :)

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Going back to the bus idea...there is a little rhyme you can say to add/subtract people, we use a large double decker bus outline and we got the children to each draw a smiley face and laminated them for our people on the bus..here's the rhyme, its just a talking one not a sung one...Here comes the bus about to stop, come along children in you pop 2 downstairs and 2 on top, How many altogether? (change numbers each time) For subtraction just change the words slightly to Here comes the bus about to stop, Come along children off you pop 2 downstairs and 1 on top, how many altogether? You could ask the children questions about the people on the bus such as how many girls,boys,etc. Hope this helps

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