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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of re-writing the induction information that we give to parents before their children start in Reception. We are having a meeting with new parents after half term and want to give them a a handout with important information on. Would love to see an example of this if anyone is willing to share, or any ideas of what should be included in it?

Thanks :)

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We include examples of school handwriting style and the child's name written using our style.

school dinner menus (cost/ how to claim free meals/please send money in an envelope with child's name and class marked on front)

school uniform order forms

name tag order form

school brochure (which outlines policies etc)

Jolly Phonics hand outs (free from JP)

examples of the type of work children will be doing

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we add general things like:

uniform/naming clothes

velcro shoes where possible!

Encouraging children to dress and undress themselves at home

Not to send a child in who has been sick/upset tummy in the last 24hrs (we're very strict!)

Notes about six areas of foundation stage

Reading (when it starts and how)

We are independent so some of this may not apply to you!

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