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I'm close to finishing my NVQ Childcare III and I'm stuck on C5 KUS 8


The relationship between the expression of feelings and cultural or gender stereotypes


Sorry but I just can't get my head around this, I've searched all the NVQ textbooks, my first attempt wasn't accepted


My tutor responded with


You need to deal with possible effects to the child per-se or if moving to a different culture?


Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi Ruffian and welcome to the forum!


I have just had a quick look through my coursework folder and unfortunately seem to be missing the later part of C5 which I suspect covers the question you are looking at. In fact it is quite a lot missing. I've got until page 20 but according to the reference sheet it goes up to page 68.


Wonder where the rest of that is? Will give them a ring and get back to you!

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I'm not surprised; I've assessed this unit a couple of times & I can't get my head round it, either. The tutor's comment seems to make it worse!


I checked with the assessment pack I was asked to use, and it's worded differently. Roughly: Give some egs of how stereotypical assumptions about children's feelings [including culture & gender] can limit children's development. Doesn't help much, does it?


Think of some stereotypes: boys don't cry if they hurt themselves; girls are too emotional; I won't put cultural ones for fear of causing offence, but oyu can think of some; and don't forget, as a colleague just reminded me, that each family can have its own mini-culture.


The most obvious one is probably the effect that not being able to talk about emotions has on some boys' development.


Hope that starts you off at least. If I'm on the wrong track completely, I'm sure someone wiser will come along soon!


I'm sure you'll get it finished very soon, then you'll feel it was all worth it. All the best!

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Many thanks for the sound advice...


C5 is a total nightmare, I believe they are changing the format of the NVQ, I hope they at least put it in English and student friendly xD


C5 is a thorn in my side


May be cheeky enough to ask for more help later, but I don't want to push my luck :o


Thanx again....

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I think most people somewhere along the line hit a unit they struggle with. Try not to let it get to you; NVQs don't last forever, you will get that qualification if you persevere.


I totally agree about making it student -friendly. Sometimes it's really hard to work out what they want, even when you know the answer and probably do it all the time!


Ask for advice any time you need it - there's usually someone who can help, and that's what the forum's for. And goodness knows, we need to pull together in this line of work!

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