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Hi Everyone!


I am hoping somone can help me in some way!! I have got an interview next week for a job that I already do! I have to teach a PSHE lesson to reception. I am going to base it around 'keeping healthy' doing a thinking skills activity- teacher led , a making healthy foods out of playdough activity, and then i'm a little lost for inspiratipon... was thinking of a cut and stick- pictures of wasy to keep healthy?


Just wondering if anyone had anything they could inspire me with. Was hoping to have an activity on the carpet.


Feeling really anxious over the thought that I might not get the job I am already doing- just that it is nursery.


Thank You



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Hiya First good luck with your interview Im sure youll do fine .I bought some planning from 'Under 5'Website which is all about Health because Im doing that next half term I think it was about 10 pounds for 6weeks ideas .I can give you the address if you want or if you have a little time Ill read through it and see what there is.




This is the address when you get on the site you go to the download centre and into Play planning its in there. :) Good Luck .


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You could model some role play putting healthy and unhealthy food into a toy shopping basket or trolley if you have one. This could be followed up in groups discussing and choosing cut outs of healthy food to put onto a picture of a shopping basket.


Good luck


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Hi there, Do you have one of those doll puppets with no teeth the ones like 'Pip'. Tell the children that he lost all his teeth and keeps getting an upset tummy because he doesn't eat the right food. Van they help him/her choose healthy food.

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