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am looking for good craft ideas to make musical instruments - feel we have done shakers to death!!!, and also ideas for making jungle animals for our jungle role play area, any ideas would be really helpful, cheers



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we give the children a choice what instrument they make. Guitars are usally popular! Either tissue boxes or meat trays elactic bands and a ktchen paper roll for the handle,let the children decorate it with felts or glitter glue or stickers.

some made drums out of sma milk tins and cardboard rolls for beaters.

Some made rainsticks out of card rolls put masking tape over both sides after putting rice or pasta depending on the sound they want to make,a soft sound or a hard/loud sound.

some made tambourines out of paper plates and milk bottle tops, make hole round aplate with a hole puncher and then sew milk bottle tops round the outside.

hope this has been of some help!

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