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Looking for wonderful, exciting new ideas................................

(but any tried and trusted ones will do too)

Our theme next half term - At the Seaside - have a planning meeting coming up soon, and need come inspiration.

:D Waiting in anticipation :D


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We are doing that next week. My focus activity for that week is making individual discovery bottles!!! We have never done it before, but we are going to get the children to pour in sand, blue water, shells etc in to a clear plastic bottle to make a beach in a bottle!!! Then glue gun the lid shut!! I hope it works or it might be disatrous.


seaweed in the water tray


Blow up boat and oars (We have done this lots of times and they love it)

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go to the beach - bring back stones, shells etc to sort.


make boats out of different material and then test them


add seaweed and plastic fish to water tray


tip sand on ground sheet in the middle of the floor


make texture playdough with yellow colouring and sand

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