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We are just in the process of revamping our welcome desk, and we wondered what other settings paricularly preschools/playgroups have on theirs?


so far we have


various signing in forms (staff, children, visitors)

comments book


ofsted report

noticeboard has certificates and general information


we have just setup a second table to let parents know about our provision for foundation stage (trying to encourage parents to think twice before leaving for nursery)

this has another notice board and a display about the value of play, some photos


display book with information about play and the links to development

copies of blank development files.


wondered if anyone has anything else?

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We have the same as you, plus a parent help rota (always blank!) Playdough rota (always ignored) and a year book made up of photo's of what we have been doing etc (never, ever seen a parent look at it!) Sorry feeling negative about about the parent side of things, they seem just to come in, sign their child in and rush out as fast as possible these days!


Oh we also have a weather board, days of the week chart and a colourful book of rules.

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We have items very similar to you Alison. I also have a folder with information about children's services, working family tax credit, employer nursery vouchers, and lots more. Most of these are in the form of leaflets. Then we also have a a folder with articles for parents on various things from coping with tantrums to faddy eaters. These are usually from Nursery World and newspaper articles. Parents don't always read them but if somebody asks for advcie we can have a chat and give them the literature to read.

We have a folder with cards in which we have received from parents when children leave which are very complimentary and it's reassuring for new parents to read that others have been happy with what we provide.


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