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Hello everyone,

Recently we have had a child leave our setting for a years stay in Australia with her family. We have stayed in contact with her and would like to involve the children more with understanding where she has gone to. Please could anyone forward me any medium term planning or ideas about a topic on Australia and also any other countries they may have focused on.


Thank you in advance, I'm really grateful for any help.


Boogie x

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My son's friend moved out there... we stayed in touch for a while, and they sent over some Aus. story books with traditional characters in from over there. It made really interesting reading.


Talk about their night and our day....

Having a BBQ on the beach at Christmas, that always strikes me as wierd!

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Boogie

I have a child about to go to live in Australia and I thought I would do Australia as a topic.I havent done any planning yet but I will be doing


Aborigine creation myths about the Rainbow serpent,Tiddylick the giant toad who drank all the water(hence deserts)Aborigine dot painting and splatter painting.

I will look at the indiginous animals kangaroos,koalas,echidnas,wombats,kookaburras ducked billed patypus etc

Food vegimite,lamingtons,anzac\ biscuits,pavlova etc

Stories Wombat stew,possum magic etc

Geography map world how to find Australia,features eg opera house,harbour bridge,wave rock,ayers rock ,barrier reef

Things that people associate with Australia boomerangs,didgeridos,bbqs etc


i cant wait really


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On the cbeebies website there's two koalas (sorry can't remember name of tv prog!) click on their picture for stories and games on the website

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