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Ia anyone able to enlighten me, my assessor is on holiday for two weeks and I appear to of got ahead of myself and am looking at this unit - it is about creating effective working relationships:

has anyone any advice about how I am to collate evidence? Presumably it is testimony's (there are no Knowledge Qu's), questionnaires for staff? Refelctive accounts, thankyou for any help this is my last unit!!


Whoops I :o have put this in the wrong section, how do I move it to NVQ?? Sorry')

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Hi shirel,


I've never actually assessed this unit, so am making educated guesses :o . Firstly, I'm afraid there's quite a bit of knowledge evidence required! It's arranged differently, though! As with MCI/C1, the knowledge bits follow the pcs for each unit. I also notice that all the pcs appear to require direct observation, so I wouldn't get too far ahead with your work, in case you do too much or unnecessary stuff. What I would suggest is that you get some witness statements from your direct boss and from deputies regarding aspects such as communication, relationships, organisation etc. Any reports you have prepared or minutes of meetings etc could be considered as evidence, as well as reflective accounts. If you have been keeping a diary, this too will be very helpful.


It might be a good idea to look at the knowledge requirements to see if there's anything you need to research while your Assessor is away, as well.


Actually the evidence guidance in the unit itself is quite comprehensive, so don't forget it!


Hope I've put you on the right track! Good luck,



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Sue thankyou very much,

on a closer look I see what you mean about the knowledge evidence, silly me to think it might be an easy last unit! I think I will do exactly as you suggested, by the time I have collected the evidence that I can and done a bit of research, I will hold fire until she returns, (my assessor) I do have a tendency to rush at things like a bull at a gate, so thankyou for your wise words, I don't want to do a lot of unnecessary work, thanks again. :)

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