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Hello again

Trying to put together a pro forma 'tracking sheet' to record incidents of inappropriate behaviours for a child who has special educational needs. Child has started to 'assert her authority' and is regularly pushing and 'neck holding' other children. After chatting with Area Learning Support teacher on a recent assessment of the child, teacher indicated . . "if it is not recorded, then it didn't happen" - moral of the tale - record EVERY incident, no matter how many times a session it occurs. Has anyone got a ready made sheet available, or shall I continue to make my own???? Would love it if someone has 'been there and done that' already. Looking forward to some help - thanks

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I have a sheet but unable to attach. 5 columns


time context Antecedent Behaviour Consequence



context: When, information such as just after lunch ( could indicate has sat for a period of time). Where: Area of room and How many other children/adults in area.


Antecedent: What child is doing prior to behaviour. Who is interacting with child (or not)



Behaviour: What negative behaviour is displayed.




Consequence: What happens immediately after behaviour, ie: response from child / other children / adult



This is called an ABC report.



I also do the same format and record each time positive behaviour occurs.



Hope this helps.




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Does it look something like this, Peggy?




This is what we pass on to our providers...


RB x




Yes ours is very similar, we have the date at the top if the time period is for one day, or week commencing is time period is one week and have seperate sheets per day.


Sometimes I record positive and negative behaviour on the same sheet, sometimes I record them on seperate sheets. I have found them very useful, one to notice patterns and triggers, secondly to evidence fact from assumption. You knows those days when you think a child is particularly misbehaving, yet when you talk to other staff they didn't see a particular problem. :o



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