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please could you give me some advise about this new planning format for reception.


i am trying to scrap the literacy and numeracy plan and use this with all the areas on.


it fits around each area i do each day to make it easy for me to follow.

it will be the only weekly plan i do apart from an area plan.


is it detailed enough?

do i need to stepping stones on it?




if its rubbish could you suggest an alternative or ways of changing it.


many many thanks


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Give it a try and see how you get on with it.... thats the best I can say.


Planning is meant to be for you.....


I don't include ss on my weekly planning- they are on the long term planner.


This is what I do each week... I only have my year 1s in the afternoon and plan seperately for them... I find it works for me... and thats the important thing.


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Guest tinkerbell


I like the idea of your plan ,because it's not filled in I dont get Tuesday where the plan just says Baking?

Lorna's plan is similar and I do think you should have a daily literacy and maths lesson as it is the summer term.

I still do a lit,maths and pm plan..and I do put in the objectives.


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Hi Clare, planning is very personal and you must have something that you can use as a working document.

I am not quite sure why your learning areas vary so much from day to day but if you think this will reflect the work that goes on in your classroom, give it a go and see. YOu will soon know whether it is for you nad if not why not.

I agree, I do not like separate literacy and numeracy planners and I would not in Reception be planning against SS but against ELGs. although I might be using the SS for differentiation, if appropriate. However, I would still put the ELGs on the plan as these are your umltimate objectives.


Good luck.

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hi thanks for your opinions i do not have literacy and numeracy every day becuase i was advised not to by my lea early years advisor, thats not to say im not doing every day as we sing rhymes, count at snack time etc.


tuesday only has cooking as we caresel that morning with a group cooking and two other groups doing small group work, this alters each week one week it may be literacy, numeracy or another area. in the afternoon we do plan do review.


susan im not sure what you meant by the variation in areas each day could you explain it to me, may be im geting this all wrong and the organisation of my day needs altering. could you explain your organisation of the day please to give me some ideas.


really appreciate it, thanks

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could anyone please suggest how they organise their day and the activites they do, i really feel im getting this all wrong.


please!!!!!!!! desperate plea now as we are being moderated tuesday and ofsted are coming in tues day and wednesday arrrrrrrr how awful on same day!

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We are a FSU so may work slightly differently.

Children arrive 8.50

Registration (we used to self register but it didnt work this year and children like to take turns reading out the names for me to tick)

Children seperate into seperate rooms for first half hour of direct teaching/write dance or brain gym (alternates week to week between numeracy/literacy)

after that the children are free to choose

we ensure that all children access the 3 adult focus tasks each day

10.55 children tidy (all have set areas of responsibility)

lola activities

lunch 11.30


return 12.45


first 30 minutes seperate teacher directed tasks then free to choose.

2.45 tidy up

story and phonics or songs

3.15 end of day

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Guest tinkerbell


Please don't panic.if your adviser has suggested a new way to plan and you are happy with it then surely that must be the way .I think I wouldnt completely be changing my routines when Ofsted are coming in be confident in what you do :)


my day r/yr1

8.50-9.00 register

9.00-9.20 assembly

9.20-10.30 literacy, 15 mins phonics in groups,alltogether for lit imput and then 1R groupwith TA(each R group will have a 15 min session with her)Yr1 with me ,text work,or sentence work etc others independent activities

10.30-10.45 playtime

10.45-11.45 maths all imput then again groups rotating through focused TA or teacher activity others independent

11.45-12.00 story or speaking and listening

12.00-1.10 lunch

Topic imput for foundation subject activity

2.15-2.30 playtime

2.30-3.15 finishing,story/singing/circle time.

Wednesday morning is science morning and wednesday pm welly afternoon on the field.


I also have 2 SEN support in the am so we do have outside play available for groups, also SULP for 2 sessions a week in the morning with one of them.

Although it looks rigid with lit /maths the independent activities going on do give the children a wide range of free choice, 3computers,water,sand,legoor construction,roleplay dough etc


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Hi Clare

I agree with Tinkerbell, don't panic..... easier said than done I know and don't change the way in which you have already been working. If it works for you and your children then it is ok as it is.

We have just been Ofsted'd Last wed & thurs, and I know the complete feeling of panic and 'am I doing it right'. But I think as long as you can justify what you do and the way in which you work and the children are happy and developing then all should be OK.

Its good that you are comparing your practice to everyone else's that's the way we learn and helps us to be reflective practitioners modifying if necessary what we do.

The Ofsted itself was not too bad, the thought worse than the event!! I felt that the foundation stage was dealt with completley separately to the rest of the school, except for transition, which is the big issue at the moment.

Please try not to worry about it too much... they will come and go, but you and your children will still be there.


Good Luck

Ruth x :)

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