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Hey all. I'm moving to year one in September with my present reception class - I'm looking forward to it a great deal ! It'll be my first time in my own room after spending the last three years (first three in teaching career!) in a large, shared teaching space. I'm WAY excited. Thing is, the excitement is slowly but surely turning into apprehension! I have no idea where to start!!!!!!


I'm happy to say that the school is working towards continuous provision in year one and the head is very supportive of this. I'm taking the profile with me this year and will use the Continuing the Learning Journey folder. I was wondering whether you all could give me some advice on what the hell I do as far as planning, ensuring that there is a balance between independent learning and becoming more NC based!!


Teaching too - what's the difference between rec and year one?! How many carpet sessions, how adult directed etc etc. I can rely on the year one staff to guide me, but was wondering whether you wise ones had any inspirational ideas before my excitement turns into my nightmare!!!


Thanks in advance!

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There is a great focus as the moment (Esp. in Hampshire) that the Foundation Stage is continues for at least the first half term/ term of year 1.


I would begin in that way- similar to what the children are already used to an slowly build in more independent work/ taught sessions/ carpet time and teacher directed time.


With my mixed class this year and last Ilose my Year 1 children in the morning to formal literacy/ numeracy and science groups.... therefore i have found them exhausted in the afternoons and plan the non core subjects around practical activities- with little emphasis on writing- drawing, ordering, talking, and writing once a week or less.


In the autumn term i had my year 1s all day and gave them a very foundation curriculum- lots of practical activities and games... slowly expecting a few more minutes concentration at carpet time and during adult directed activities.


Hope this of some help...

I feel that we need more foundation stage practitioners in Year 1 so we can lead the way with a balanced play base... child/ teacher directed curriculum.



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Guest tinkerbell

Lucky you Gater

You are answering your own questions!

You are well capable of taking those reception children on from where they are,they are really lucky to have you...and you have a wise head teacher who obviously knows your worth.

Well done


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Gater I agree with Tinkerbell. I have taken my Reception class up to Y1 before and it is a very rewarding experience. You are in a great position because you know your children and are in the best possible position to take their learning forward in ways appropriate to them. I am sure you will find you automatically adjust your teaching to meet the needs of the children. The Y1 staff are bound to be very supportive in terms of curricular input and expectations but you have lots to offer them too with all the transition issues.

Go for it and enjoy! :D

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