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This half term and the beginning of next we are covering the topic Stories. We are a one form entry reception class. i am the class teacher and have a full time CA and often have students.

I have gathered together lots of ideas for the following stories but if anyone else has covered them or can add any more ideas i would be most greatful.

the stories are

Peace at Last

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The little Red Hen

The Three Little Pigs

Snow White

Handa's Surprise.


i will have a go at adding my medium term planning. Any feedback on it would be most appreciated.


Now i have the ideas what i am finding hard is the Outdoor provision and how to plan weekly/short term for what we are going to do.


i have seen excellent planning on here but i also feel that i would kill myself if i tried to do all that on my own.


if anyone can help with really simple palnning ideas i would be really greatful.


i usely work my day by having Maths and CLL in the morning part and KUE/Topic/creative in the afternoon. However this is not set in stone and we have a lot of cross curricular activites going on. i just need to find myself a simple way of planning and structuring the day.


any help appreciated



tried to add medium plan said i wasn't allowed!! anyone able to help?

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Guest tinkerbell

I teach R/YR1 and outdoor play is an isue as we have to go through another classroom to get outside, this is my weekly plan the children do independent play with lots of equipment the focus for each day is my way of trying to plan adult focus outside., which ties into what we are doing inside?



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My current half term topic is the 3 pigs. We get the children to bring in own versions of story (as we read them we encourage them to compare similarities and differences in the telling), we make word walls (brick link) in ICT dragging in a table of 4-6 boxes then the children try to think of words from the story to go into their bricks and type them in (differentiated by giving help according to their needs), we have a role play puppet theatre with a box office - includes laminated programmes for a 3 pigs show where cast can be added with whiteboard pen, box office has a diary for filling in who's phoned to order tickets (this has proved useful in practising writing days of the week - some children put names, others copy down the day in the book or role play write), we make stick puppets to use in theatre - starting with pigs made from pink card and 2D shapes which are then cut out and attached to sticks (old fennel from my garden), we have a pig songs and poems book and use this in conjunction with instruments, also helps with musical shows in theatre. There is a good ebook of 3 pigs - the old ladybird version available on the web (try looking up 3 pigs and paderborn on google), also have found a non-fiction ebook on wolves on starfall.com in their reading books section. We also have a wooden 'cottage'/hut outside that is currently the pigs' house the children love using some role play tools to build it. Last week introduced costumes into outdoor area. It has worked really well and provided helpful evidence of a non esl child's understanding of the story - he's picked up loads of vocab including 'trotters'! Favourite song at present is the Higgy Piggy - as for hokey cokey we put our trotters in, then hocks, then snout, then curly tail, then the whole pig. Chorus goes 'oink, the higgy piggy, oink the higgy piggy, oink the higgy piggy, hocks bend, trotters stretch, oink, oink, oink! (if I found it here first apologies! think it came from an American site after a google search). Next week we're moving onto time because some versions of the story have the wolf coming back at different times, so we'll make clocks, play what's the time Mr Wolf, use our clocks to set and tell the time, think about time in the school day and so on.


Hope all that's helpful :D



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