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Ok guys, I'm coming to you again for inspiration!

I'm trying to be super organised and get my head around next half term's topic, despite having 3 weeks till the end of this one!

My topic is summer. For those who don't know I teach Y3/4 kids who are working at P2-7 and lots have physical disabilities so limits some of the things we can do.

Any ideas welcome :)

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Hi Nichola,

My topic is water and the seaside so connected to summer. Some of these reception activities should work with year 3/4 children on the P scales.


Looking at holiday postcards and cutting and pasting holiday brochures.

Using squeezy bottles and water sprays.

Painting water outside using decorating brushes and timing how long it takes to dry.

Blowing bubbles.

Water in diff forms - making jelly, melting an ice block in water (again timing how long it takes to melt).

Making collage fish and creating a mobile using wire coat hangers. Can have numbers or the alphabet on.

Moving to water music.

Creating our own beach using a paddling pool and sand on a mat.

Learning about safety in the sun.

Fish - comparing lenghts.

Water - comparing measures.

Making own boats using diff materials and seeing which sink or float and asking why?

Making a seaside wordbank.


My learning intentions come from the Foundation Stage but I don't have to word process it so I haven't posted it but it's pretty cross curricular stuff.


Don't know if this helps any but good luck anyway.

Fountain :o

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Hi Nich,


No idea if this is any help, but there's the Seasons topic support in Resources - most can be adapted for the season you're looking at, and hopefully you might be able to adapt to suit your children?


And how about the Pirates thing? A forum search should throw up loads!


Sue x

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Heh, this post is from last year! My topic this half term is holidays but some of those will come in well this time too! Thanks anyway!

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