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I have to contribute to a school Maths inset on differntiation. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could include in my talk and what I should incude in my handouts, for the Foundation Stage. Any good websites I could look at to help me? Thanks

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I did a maths inset for our pre schools recently and use the reception and nursery pack from the dfee/ Qca site.


I also found this from sure start that ie useful and we looked at the |ELgs and stepping stone.


It might be worth looking a t the stepping stones and ELgs with the other staff in your school- and what they interperate them to mean... I have had interestinh discussions with KS1 colleagues and their interpretation of them.


Differentiation in Reception is more outcome, activity and support.


Why not set up some activities and demonstrate how you would approach them with different children- through the questions asked, input, support etc..


I will watch and see what other suggest... but hope that this is of some use to you. :o




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