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Help - Planning Reception In Summer Term


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Hello all,


Just wanted a little advice and opinions on what Reception children should be doing on a weekly/daily basis. I am planning following topic themes and having 2 focus areas for adult led activities each week which small groups will do over the week, the areas of learning for focus will change each week. Although I have the support of my FS Co-ord my Head Teacher really doesn't understand the FS and doesn't think they are doing enough. She wants them to do group reading everyday, 20 mins phonics and has now decided that most of them should be independently writing sentences. I have also been told that the children shouldn't be above a 6 in the profile otherwise there is too much expectation for the KS1 SATs. However, having looked at the profile, writing in sentences is a point 8. I am trying to please my Head whilst providing an FS curriculum with equal weighting. I am still trying to find my way as I am an NQT and really don't get a lot of time with my Mentor or FS Co-ord (same person) as she has too many roles and 2 other NQTs. I am starting to wonder whether I am not doing enough and how I can get them writing, reading and playing outdoors everyday as well as everything else particularly as I only have a TA every morning and 3 afternoons. :o

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Hi Claire and welcome if I havent welcomed you elsewhere.

Its not unusual to be facing this juggling game and it sounds as if you are doing a good job and your heads expectations are unrealistic.

I would agree that there is a danger of over scoring the profile, setting children( and teachers!) up for failure later on, so it is good that your had recognises this. However, she/he can not then make demands of you that contradict the score expectation. If your children are writing consistently at a point 8 level then they should be verging on the independent sentence writing or already be there! If you have over scored then moderation should help you rectify this and is by no means an indication that you do not know what you are doing so I wouldnt worry about one.

It is good practise to have a daily phonics session every day and at this stage of the school year if you are revising and consolidating skills then 20 mins is easily spent.

I always enjoyed group reading in reception and found it a manageable and worthwhile activity but I only aimed to work with one group a day, seeing all children over the week. On days when they werent working with me they worked with a TA/ NN looking at books, learning keywords and other book skills as appropriate. Would you be able to work something like that?

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