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i am teaching alphabetical order, does anyone have any inspiring ideas at this late stage of the day!!! :o

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I've just discovered this song (to the tune of Bobby Shafto)


a b c d e f g

All the letters came to tea

h i j k l m n

The food was quite delicious

o p q r s t u

v and w they came too

x and y ate all the pie

And z washed up the dishes


It's from Flying Start with Literacy by Ros Bayley and Lyn Broadbent



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The children have made large decorated name cards which we display in alphabetical order.

We did an alphabet job display. Each child had to think of a job beginning with a different letter of the alphabet and draw a picture which we displayed in order.

Also we play the shopping game in circle time....I went to the shop and I bought some apples.......... I went to the shop and i bought some apples and some bananas.......... I went to the shop and I bought some apples, some bananas and some carrots.........etc

helps memory and tests knowledge of alphabetical order.

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have you though about using an alphabet line just like you would do with a number line? Playing games like mising them around, taking a letter out and asking whats missing/ where does it go?

AC & Black as part of their literacy teacher resource books (Year R word level) have alpahbet snakes in. We have blown these up, laminated them them and use them as a dry wipe activity. Children write in the missing letters.

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