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I have been advised to create one of these for an autistic child in our group. When i asked what this was, it never got explained to me fully.


Does anyone know what it is and how to use this game?


From what i understand several favorite toys are shown to the child and are then put in a clear lidded box. The child has to tap the box as a means of communicating with the adult that they would like to play with a toy in the box.


Have a got this right or am i completely barking up the wrong tree!!!!??? :o





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I haven't used one of these either but it sounds like it could be quite useful - assuming the thing the child wants will fit in the box. I'm also guessing that you would start with just one item you know the child is most attracted to, and that you would accept any contact with the box to start with, (then refining it to a tap on the lid - perhaps by pulling the box away so the child only gets to do one tap.) Obvioulsy you would instantly give them what is in the box as soon as they make a response that is appropriate to their level of skill and what you are expecting.

I hope yo will tell us how you get on and if you are successful I will introduce it to my team.

Good luck :D

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