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Can anyone help here?


KE reads: The possible influence of cultural, racial, gender or other forms of stereotyping on responce to a child who attempts to disclose abuse and how to counteract this.


I am not a 100% sure what this means and would be very grateful if anyone can help me, by giving me pointers regarding how to answer this correctly.


Many thanks.

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hi KJ. All i can think of is:

there amy be a language barrier for some children which would make disclosure difficult.

There may be a barrier to your understanding of a different culture, and what is acceptable for them, may not be acceptable for you.

Children may occupy certain gender related roles which may be unacceptable for us - can't think of an example and it sounds a bit stereotypical!

Sensitivity to what a child is saying, i.e. a boy may be told that he 'throws like a girl' through emotional abuse and becomes upset in the setting because a comment has been made along the same lines by another child,if handled incorrectly it could effect his abilty to disclose in the future.

Im not really sure if this is right. I've looked through my evidence folder and this is what i've written.

hope it helps :)

laura x

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That is perfect, now I can go ahead and write up the answer as you have kindly given me some very good pointers to work on. I have also looked up the guidence article on this web site and have found it too very useful for this unit.


Many thanks for both your help with this question. I hope to use you again sometime for other units within this course.

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