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I teach children from a mixed rec year 1 class part time. I have been given a topic web for medium 'topic' planning then an A3 grid for week by week planning to come from the web. It is what the KS1 teachers use, with the National Curriculum subjects down one side then week by week across the top (so you show what is happening in each subject each week) I have tried to change it so it has the FS areas on it instead. I can understand how it is useful in KS1 to show cross curricular links but is such a format used generally in the foundation stage?


Thank you :o

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I am in the same situation. We have what is called a Half Tem overview, I have adapted in so that each NC subject heading has appropriate FS heading e.g. sci/kuw. Then in each box i briefly state the main learning intention for each yr group. This can get a bit complicated when planning but once done i find it incredibly helpful when doing my weekly planning. Since this is my first term at the school i stuck to the present system i have however changde it for january. I am still filling in the overview but only with a brief description of main idea to be covered, for example in science we are looking at plants so i will put in things like - naming parts of plant/what does a plant need/planting own seeds/etc. then i have produced a complicated table with FS areas down pne side and NC down the other in these i will put all the learning intentions that i am aiming to cover over the half term, when weekly planning i can then match the two (hopefully!)


This must seem really long winded, if you want examples of the old system, or copies of the new one let me know. I have not started the planning for next term yet but am willing to share them when i have done so.


Keep up the good work


Happy Christmas


Kate :D

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I would be interested at looking at your planning grid too.... expecially as I have just been promoted to Early Years Co-ordinator and have said I will reorganise the planning in our reception classes.


Have a jolly christmas


Lorna :)

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