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I teach children from a mixed rec year 1 class part time. I have been given a topic web for medium 'topic' planning then an A3 grid for week by week planning to come from the web. It is what the KS1 teachers use, with the National Curriculum subjects down one side then week by week across the top (so you show what is happening in each subject each week) I have tried to change it so it has the FS areas on it instead. I can understand how it is useful in KS1 to show cross curricular links but is such a format used generally in the foundation stage?


Thank you :o

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Hi again Mharhi. This is a difficult one. We have tried several models and are still no cleared how to plan for FS2. We have decided that the Autumn term will be more FS and Spring and Summer more "school".

We use the NLS adn Ns planners from the Summer term.

I don't think we can split so easily into "subjects" in FS2. We have used the goals as a guide. We do make cross references but not on your type of format. We, have developed over time groups of goals then we fit our activities in and put a cross ref if relevant.

Actually, thinking whilst typing, you cant really put ELGs and NC on the same sheet or perhaps for maths and language. They are both very different!

So, no real clear picture but that seems to be the way for now with FS! :o


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