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Hi can anyone help with any information about process observations mentioned in E123 tma 2 never done them before has anyone else?

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Hi Tracie

Not too sure what you mean by 'process observations' but

I did E123 in its first presentation back in 2003 and TMA 2 had four parts.

1. A pen portrait of the child you choose to observe


2. Description of your observations of the child in detail - what you saw/heard and in what context.


3. Analysis of the observations


4. Use the analysis to describe how the childs play or creativity could be further supported through a particular area (related to the curricula guidance for your setting)


Maybe the course material has altered since I did it but I cannot find the term 'process observations'


For my assignment I did a non participatory observation of a child engaged in a creative activity and a focused observation of him involved in 'a game with rules'


Chapter 17 of the course reader 'Observing children' and in particular Study topic 5 should be helpful for this assignment.


Not too sure this is much help but do shout if I can help further! :D

Good luck with the TMA, sure you will be fine.

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I also did it at the same time as Geraldine in 2003 so I'm not sure about a 'process observation' either. I chose a narrative observation of a child in creative activities - one was a self chosen activity and the other adult directed.


I gave a brief description of the two observations and then analysed them using the topic material to quote from e.g. Topic 4 'The stages of play' -parallel play etc. Topic 8 'shaping' 'stretching' 'sharing' and 'supporting' -the four strategies for supporting children's language.


As Geraldine says use and quote the the topics and reader it then demonstrates that you are engaging with the course material

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Hi, thanks for your help. I have done a couple of obs it is just in study topic 5 one of the examples of their obs was by stierer et al and is called a process ob, I think it stands for profile, recording and observation. I just wondered if anyone knew how to do these. There is a book I could buy but I think I will stick with a narrative and a time sampling ob and ref to the course material. I think the course material is the same as the one you did. Once again thanks for your help.


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Hi Tracie

Aha! now I know what you are talking about :D


'Process' is an acronym for Profiling and Recording of Observations of Children's Experiences at the Start if School.


I don't think that it means a specific type of observation but more a method of using the data collected or a collective term for what you do with the various types of observation.


As it says in study topic 5 process places emphasis on the way in which children learn and how they develop and includes the use of formative observations.


To me 'PROCESS' is an overall method of assessment in a similar way as the 'learning story' identified and trialled by Carr and also discussed in ST 5.


Having said all that I could be talking rubbish and be very wrong!


Your narrative and time sampling sounds fine for TMA 2 and is fairly straightforward to link to the course material.


Like Debbington I referred to the stages of play and amongst other things included the major functions of talk detaled by Clipson-Boyle and discussed in ST 8. Think I managed to get Rogoff and Vgotsky in there too somewhere along the line.


Good luck with the TMA :D

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