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M6 Work With Other Professionals


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It's about working in co-operation with other professionals in order to provide a better service for families with young children.



The two ranges for professionals are:


a) "those within the same professional grouping as the candidate"


:o "those from different professions"



So far I have written about:

nursery workers

speech therapists


area senco

occ therapists

sure start/early yrs

social workers

child/parent advocates


case conference/core group chairperson

child dev unit


ed psychologist


health visitor/school nurse


educational welfare officer



Can someone tell me if that just covers range A or do any of them cover B and if so which ones? I think police, doctor and ed psy cover B but I just want to check with you clever people so I dont look a complete pilchard when I hand this unit in.


Thanks in advance

Sarah x

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The answer you seek depends what professional role you are in. :o


I would hazard a guess that a) are people you work with on a daily basis and xD are people you work with from other agencies, possibly who you only contact/work with occasionally.

( but don't quote me)



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Thanks Peggy,


I was on the wrong track I think I thought it was that

A was people who worked specifically in childcare and

B was people that worked with general public/other jobs


I didn't even think about writing about work colleagues!! And as I'm a playgroup assastant/playscheme & out of school supervisor I guess that puts my whole list in the B category lol.


I guess my last few remaining pc's in this unit had better be about my setting colleagues then.


Thanks again,


Sarah xxx


Ps. the only reason its a long list is because I've discovered bullet points!

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