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Hi everyone,


Recently at our setting i have been noticing that staff are using their ipads more and more and engaging with the children less. I have spoken with start surrounding this and they assure me that they are using Tapestry. 


I have turned on screen monitoring on all our ipads to get an idea of the time that staff are spending on their ipads. for instance, i had a member of staff start at 8.50 and by 12.15 they had used their ipad for 2hours 4minutes. To me this seems an extremely long time to be on an ipad in such a short time. I would expect staff to be on ipads for no more than 1hour 30 minutes per day (7hours 30minute work day)


Has anyone else found that certain staff spend quite long on ipads and if so how have you dealt with this, do you set a certain amount of time staff can be on their ipads or something different?


Any thoughts or opinions would be good. I do have a staff meeting arranged with staff for tomorrow evening so i intend to bring it up then. 

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One thought I had was to have a discussion with the team about observations – what / who are they for, the changes to the EYFS, and the setting’s ethos around making observations. Getting everyone to share their thoughts about observations, and to reflect as a team about what they mean and how you will all use them moving forwards.

This could then set a whole team expectation about less time on tablets and more time with children, and using tablets wisely (e.g. using them with the children to film/take photos of their play processes and end products and then talk about those images afterwards) when they do use them.

This article has some thoughts on observations that could prompt a discussion. And this EYE Guide is also a quick pre-read that might help to get a conversation started.

I hope that helps.

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