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Hi everyone!

I wondered whether it could be a possibility to have a function for Possible Lines of Development to be added. When we do reports or 2-year checks, we do, of course, have next steps. Staff members then write on a white board when they have concerns so all members of staff can be aware. (We are a small setting all working within one room). I would like an additional page to be available so the next steps could be transferred to it alongside ideas the key people have to provide activities and resources for that child to work towards their next steps. As we also use WellCom, ideas for this could also be added as well as any identified schemas. Hopefully then all ideas are in one place and staff members can access it at any time and it avoids having sheets of paper everywhere. (We are a pack away setting). Characteristics of Effective Learning could also be added so each member of staff can build up that picture of how an individual child learns and plan appropriately for them.

Many thanks

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