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Hi everyone. Happy Easter!


I've used the font 'SASSOON PRIMARY INFANT' loads of times. We've got it at school but I would really like it for my own laptop.


Does anyone know where I can download it? I've looked on the internet and the cheapest I've come up with is $22 (about £12-13, I think). I don't mind paying this but this particular website won't take my switch card (need Visa / Mastercard etc).





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You can copy it off your schools computer, burn it to disk and put it on your laptop.

Go to the control panel, open the fonts folder, find sasson primary infant, right-click and copy. Then burn to cd.

good luck! :o

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Just a quick note!


I have recently found a DVD rom (if that's right? xD ) that has this font on! I was very excited as it only cost me £3!


Admittedly it is a copy but I have been experimenting with it today. It's called Mega Fonts Unlimited and that is as much as I know, I'm afraid. I got mine off of an internet auction site (don't know if I'm allowed to use the name but you all know who I mean!) I am very impressed and rather than paying loads for one font, I paid very little for 15,000! :o

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