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Search frameworks - missing in android and web, only on iOS???


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Possibly I just can't find the option, but I've noticed on the iOS app you can search for a statement in a framework (Cherry garden in our case). However, this incredibly useful feature seems to be absent in both the android and the PC-website version of Tapestry.

It makes assessing against observations significantly faster for those who know EYFS (for example) but are not yet familiar with how Cherry Garden has re-arranged things. It helps in the same way for those who are not familiar with any framework. Just type in "filling" and you instantly show the correct step to select for filling and emptying containers, without having to search back and forwards through which branch it is in.

A great feature, but why iOS exclusive?

Edited by Stephen Crawford
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch. It's great to hear that the search function is beneficial for you!

Our Android and iOS apps are developed independently, so unfortunately some smaller features like this can be missed.

But I've passed on your feedback to our developers so we can look into adding this function elsewhere 🙂

Best wishes,


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