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I was just wondering what assessment information you sent up with your children to school. At the moment we receive very little assessment information from our pre-school, they do not do anything towards the Foundation stage profile. Should they be doing so?


I am meeting with the pre school manager next week as i really think we need to address this issue. What sorts of things do you send up assessment wise and what do you think works well and maybe not quite so well?


Thank you


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As a reception teacher Im coming from the other end so to speak. Most of our children come from the unit so the assessment is our own.

Other children enter from a variety of settings, some mid year if parents move into the area. Those from local day nurseries or nursery schools usually bring with them our LEA assessments (which link into FSP) children from outside the area usually bring their own assessment materials. Sometimes these are very easy to understand and relate to the FSP but occasionally there seems no conections. Personally I think it would be useful if all practioners transfered this infomation to the FSP, for all children moving to a new setting, at whatever point in the FS, after all this is the nationally required document,

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