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Hi there. I am PGCE part time student now fast approaching the end of the first year (of 2) and my college tutor is saying that I dont have enough evidence in my portfolio for some of the standards (we have to provide evidence for each standard for each practise).


I am struggling with the S1.8; S2.2; S2.3 and some of the others too, but these are where I am at now.


I know its the holiday, but anyone help me work out what qualifies as evidence for these ones?


Thanks in anticipation.

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This link gives an idea of the sort of evidence you need to be providing for QTS


I had to look up the particular standards you mention

S1: Professional values and practice


S1.8 They are aware of, and work within, the statutory frameworks relating to teachers’ responsibilities.


- basically to be aware of duty of care to pupils, H&S, child protection, appropriate physical restraint, equal opps... You probably need to show you've read the relevant documentation and school policies, as well as putting theory into practice in the classroom as and when appropriate.


S2: Knowledge and understanding


S2.2 They know and understand the values, aims and purposes and the general teaching requirements set out in the National Curriculum Handbook. As relevant to the age range they are trained to teach, they are familiar with the Programme of Study for citizenship and the National Curriculum Framework for personal, social and health education*.

* For those qualifying to teach in Key Stage 1 and/or 2 this includes citizenship.


Demonstrate your knowledge of the curriculum through appropriate planning and referral to the PoS etc. Read up about PSHE and citizenship - are you aware of the SEAL materials produced by DfEE last year?



S2.3 They are aware of expectations, typical curricula and teaching arrangements in the Key Stages or phases before and after the ones they are trained to teach.


- can you arrange to visit the relevant key stages to familiarise yourself with these? If you are training in KS1 you will see huge differences between KS1 practice and FS or KS2 practice. Write yourself some notes of what you see and information you are given by staff to use as evidence.



Hope this is of some help :D

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thanks ASPK, am I the only one finding it dificult to make sure I have good quality evidence?


Some of the statements are just soo woolly :o

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