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Concerns/Reflections flag on observation screen

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Hi, @BrenchleyBear

I hope you're well :)

Have you seen all the available flag sets we have on Tapestry yet? If not, you can see them by going to Control Panel > Settings > Flags. 

If you mean flagging an observation so it feeds directly to the Areas of Concern screen, then you will need to use the Flag set called "EYFS 2021". 

For reflections, you can actually link a reflection directly to an Observation already. When you are on the browser version, if you scroll to the bottom of the Observation you will see 4 buttons where you can link various other things! 

I hope that helps!


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OK great - the EYFS 2021 flag set is the one the feeds directly into the Area of Concern screen. So when you are on the guided or group view, and you are deciding your judgment for each area of learning, you should be able to click the Observation link and it will bring up all the observations you have flagged with that area. 

You can then review the observations you have made and  decide whether or not you are happy with how that child is doing and where they are at the moment. 

Does that make sense? 


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Hi, just playing around with the new EYFS flags. It seems very long-winded and will take up lots more time for me to add concerns/reflections for observations. It would have been so much easier to have them in the app so support staff can add things as they occur.

As I see it, staff will have to make notes for me of concerns/flags and I will have to spend time adding these to the website. If they could add them at the time of the observation it would be much more efficient.

I can see Tapestry becoming purely a tool to share photos with parents and becoming irrelevant for assessing and tracking, which means SLT will want us to go back to physical Learning Journeys. Such a shame.

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Hi @steatheredge!

Thanks for getting in touch. 

With the new system, making Observations should become quicker because all you need to do is make your Observation as normal with the notes, pictures etc that you want, then simply "flag" the area of learning this observation pertains to (all of this can be done on the apps. Flags are available on the newest versions of the app so make sure they are up to date if you aren't seeing the flags). So you no longer have to scroll though, assign an age band, tick a statement, choose a refinement etc because all of that is gone. 

Also, there is no obligation or expectation to create a reflection every time you make an observation, that would certainly make things more long winded! 

Making reflections in general is also purely optional. It's simply a tool to help you organise your thoughts, extend conversations to others and keep a record of what you are doing to help improve things. I would make reflections on things when I am actually sitting down and thinking about the "concerns" "no concerns" "review" parts. But I wouldn't be doing this every day either! Do this whenever you feel is necessary and will be helpful for you and the children. 

If you haven't already, I'd recommend giving this video a watch. Ben and I discuss how we would use the AoC screen and we talk about some of the things you have mentioned in your post - 


I hope that helps :) 

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Looking at the screenshot you have attached I can see you don't have the 'Reflections' option along the features at the top of the page so it doesn't look like you have enabled this on your account. This tutorial talks you through how to do this.

This tutorial then talks you through the process of adding a reflection on Tapestry. Please note that only reflections that include a flag from the EYFS 2021 flag set will pull through to the Areas of Concern screens. 

You can make sure you have the EYFS 2021 flag set enabled for reflections by going to the Control Panel -> Settings -> Flags. In the 'EYFS 2021' section click 'Configure' and then make sure the tick box for reflections is enabled. 

After you have done this, you should be able to see the number of reflections for a child in each area on the Areas of Concern screen.



I hope this helps!

Best wishes,



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