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It's possible to input data on P-Scale assessments, as well as the Development Matters and Cherry Garden Frameworks, by responding to rubrics instead having to draw on observations pulled from elsewhere. Isn't it possible to respond to the rubrics of the other frameworks locally in the same way, or is the current programming of the assessment documentation set up in response to some sort of statute or something?

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Hi Brittany,

Do you mean the SEND framework on Tapestry? If so, we decided against manual overrides for this framework because we thought some SEND children might be at different stages for some statements within an aspect e.g. they might never be able to do certain things. Therefore we thought manually overriding and selecting a best fit stage would not be as useful.

When you say "Data input is at the heart of this, right?", do you mean at the heart of Tapestry? Tapestry was initially created to assist communication and partnership with parents. Amongst other things, it is a tool that can help you to monitor children’s learning and development. We support the move away from data-heavy tracking, a direction that is being led by the new Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters guidance documents, and by Ofsted. The new flags system on Tapestry is a move towards ensuring that any data added supports your knowledge of each child’s development and specific learning needs, rather than just something on a spreadsheet.

Best wishes,


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