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Hi there, I am an EY teacher in a mainstream school, and SENCO.  We are looking to start using either the Tapestry SEND or Cherry Garden assessment framework for our children with SEND. Our children have a range of needs, some quite complex, and some with spiky profiles.  I am interested to hear people's experiences of using either, or both assessment systems? Thank you!

Also, if using the Tapestry SEND framework is it still possible to generate next steps for a pupil? To be used alongside teacher judgement? For some our children with more complex needs and smaller steps, it is a learning journey for class teachers too!

Finally, I saw in a previous thread, which has now been closed, that it would be possible to have a pdf copy of the Tapestry SEND statements emailed. Could someone from admin please email me a copy?

Thank you in advance ! Anna :) 

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