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New Style Inspections (no Notification)


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Has anyone had one of the new style spot check inspections where you recieve no notice that OFSED are coming?


If so, how did they go? and how valuable were your Self Evaluation Forms, did OFSTED use them alot and did they base the inspection around them.


Iam half way through completing ours and just wondered if they really are the core of the new inspections like OFSTED say they are?




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yes we have had a inspection and the inspectors asked to see it. It is based around the new 5 outcomes or what ever they are called its to eaarly in the morning to remember. you know the achieving and leraners ones, that are for all children up to 18. the self evaluation needs to be done every few months. Our advisory teachers told us to do it every term! Also that the staff need to look at it and do them. I'm sure some one who is more awake will tell you what the 5 things are called if not I will look it up and post it later off to get a cuppa and wake up some more.

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We had one and she did spent time going through the Self Evaluation Forms and asking for evidence.


The 5 outcomes that Steph is talking about is :


Being Healthy

Children learn about healthy eating.

Children have a balance diet

Children are protected from becoming ill

Children take part in regular physical play


Staying Safe

Children are protected from abuse

Children are secure and well supervised

Chilcren use safe resources


Enjoying and achieving

Children are happy and settled

Children are involved

Children explore confidently

Children respond to adults interest


Making a positive contribution

Children are considrate

Children value diversity

All children are included

Childrens needs are met through partnership with parents


Organisation to promote good outcomes for children

Adults have a clear sence of purpose

Adults are well qualified

Adults use their time well

Adults use resources well

Adults use records effectively.



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We had our unannounced new style inspection last September and the in spector did ask to see our self evaluation. She only glanced through it though, she was most interested in how we judged ourselves and our justifications for what we had put.


She seemed to judge everything from the children's point of view and happily we achieved a good in all areas with an overall 'good' judgment.


Have the courage to say that you think you are good in areas that you feel you are!


very good luck




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