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Hello everyone :)


I am new to this fantastic site and have been cathing up on all past threads and info.


I found this site whilst researching into weekly planning formats.


I work in a private day nursery and we have updated our long and medium term plans and our observing and ssessing of the children.


As well as our observations we have introduced a book called Moving Children Forward for staff to write down any interests or learning needs of specific children. From observations and this book we want to produce weekly plans.


our nursery is divided into three areas called Messy Quiet and Active Areas and we need to produce weekly plans to cover these areas and i am really stumped.


If anyone has any formats of weekly plans they would be willing to share to share with so i can complete our planning process i would be forever grateful. :D


It also means i could have some of my eveings back instead of working. :o

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