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EYFSP ELG 2021 Submission


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This tutorial is designed for settings that are using the new ELGs. If you are using the previous ELGs, please use this tutorial

This screen can be used send off your EYFSP submission based on the new ELGs.

You can access this by going to the Tracking tab (1), then selecting 'ELG 2021' (2). For now we're going to look at the 'Group View' screen (3).





At the top of the next page you should see a list of filters you can set. The 'Cohort' filter will be set automatically (1), but you can change this if you choose, as well as any other filters. You will also be able to change the order the children will appear by using the 'Order' option (2)




Once you have selected the group of children you would like to see, you may see a 'Problems' section (1) appear. This tells you if you are missing a child's UPN or postcode and if you have not filled in the URN or Establishment number for your setting. In all cases of missing data you will also have a 'Fix this' button (2) which will take you to the appropriate page to add that to Tapestry. Please note that you won’t be prevented from creating the submission form if you don’t have those details, but they are things that your Local Authority ask for.




If you scroll down you will then be able to see the main EYFSP form. This lists the EYPS aspects on the left (1), and the children's names at the top (2). You should see a score listed for each child in each aspect (3). This will be either 'Emerging', 'Expected' or a dash to indicate no score in that aspect.




By default these scores will be based on ELG 2021 assessments you have added to observations. If you click on one of the scores you will be shown the details of any assessments contributing to this score.




If you would like to change a score you can do so by going to the 'Individual' view (1) at the top of the screen, then selecting the child's name (2).




If you then scroll down you will see a similar table to the group view, except you will be able to manually override scores. Once you're done remember to save your changes.




If you then go back to the group view you will be able to that any overridden scores have a pencil icon next to them. If you hover over this icon it will tell you which staff member overrode the score, and the date the did so.




You can export the file as a CSV (1) or PDF (2) using the buttons on the right-hand side. 





The CSV version is an excel file and will look like the image shown below. As you can see, any details that are missing (e.g. postcodes) simply won't appear (1).

When a file is exported the scores will appear as follows (2):

Emerging = 1

Expected = 2

No score = A




If you need to make any changes to the spreadsheet before submitting it you will need to save it as a CSV file. This will happen if you just click 'Save' or if you click 'Save As' and set the file type to CSV.




The PDF printable version will look like the image shown below. Although you can export it in portrait if you like, we would recommend choosing to export it in landscape.





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