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Would it be possible to have an 'add voice recording' option for Comments please?

At our school, the Year 2 to Year 6 classes use Seesaw and the above feature is available as another option to reply to posts. It is particularly useful for children who may struggle to read the feedback a teacher leaves and also enables staff to quickly give up to 2 mins of verbal feedback. All with a few clicks both ends (staff and parent / child).

Next to the text box for Comments a microphone icon is available to click, record and submit a short voice recording. The child / parent then just clicks play to hear the recording.

Here is what it looks like (1st image is to record, 2nd is once submitted)



With this in mind, I feel it would be particularly useful for the younger children that we teach in the EYFS and Year 1 classes who use Tapestry at our school to have this feature. It will also make it much quicker for staff to give verbal feedback (as we do in the classroom) rather than typing replies to Observations.

I look forwarding to hearing back from you and your ideas of how this could be implemented.

Thanks for reading,

Mr J.

(UHPS, Chester)


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Thank you for your suggestion. This is something that we are looking into at the moment, so I have added your comments to the developer notes on this. 

If it's any help, my wife uses the Chrome extension 'Mote' to leave voice notes in the comments. When she creates the clip using the extension, she then copies it to her clipboard, which she then pastes into the comments box. It looks like this: 

Click to hear my voice note... https://mote.fyi/xxxxx/

although you can change the text to say whatever you want it to before the link. Following the link takes them to a page to listen to your voice memo. 

It is a free extension, but there is a paid for version, which gives you 90s to record the clip instead of 30s which you get with the free version. 

The only thing to be aware of with Mote is, as I'm not too sure about their data policies, it is probably not wise to share too much personal information through it - such as the child's full name etc - which the reality is, you probably wouldn't anyway. 

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion - very much appreciated and something I will share with the rest of the EYFS and Y1 teams at my school.

I look forward to exploring Mote - already added the extension - and using it to feedback to the children / parents in my class when we return to Remote Learning next Monday (we have a week off for half term). Great tip to be careful what we say in any clips too (we wouldn't use full names, etc anyway but will certainly just stick to first names).

Thanks 😁👍

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