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How to switch user on the new Android app


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This guide will briefly explain how to use the Switch User function on the Android version of Tapestry. A guide for doing this with the browser version of Tapestry can be found here.

This feature is intended for settings where several staff users share a device or devices. It's a quick way to change to a different staff user without logging out and entering your email address and password.

This is distinct from the Switch School feature, which is meant for a single user accessing multiple Tapestry accounts on the same device.

One you've logged into the Tapestry app, press 'You' at the bottom (1) of the screen.

On the 'You' menu press Lock screen (2).




You'll then be taken to the PIN Lock screen. You'll also start here if you locked your device using the lock button or picked up the device after another staff member used it. Tap the chevron by the staff member's name to bring up the list of staff.




Swipe up and down to navigate through the staff list, and tap on the staff member you want to sign in with. If it's a long list, you can also type the name into the Search box.



Once you've selected the right staff user, enter the PIN to login.






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