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Can you please help with an issue we have had with the summative assessments. We have done our end of term tracking for period 3. We do this by adding an observation that puts an age bracket and refinement for each area of learning. This comes from our observations throughout the period and our own practitioner knowledge. We have now gone to print the summative assessments and most if not all are wrong either putting the children up or down one step. How has this changed? How can we prevent this and it to read the right information? Previously we were told when making general observations not to add the refinement as the computer can do it itself from the information built up but we need to put a refinement for the tracking or should we be allowing the computer to do this and not tracking ourselves just letting the computer build up the picture of the child?   

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So sorry we missed this post- I'll move it into the Tapestry section!

Tapestry looks at each of the assessments you've made and averages them. So, if you had one at 22-36 emerging and one at secure, the result would be 22-36 developing. Does this explain what you're seeing in your summative assessment screen?

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