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The Bear And The Scary Night


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my literacy theme after easter is Bears for the first half term, the theme for the first two weeks is centred around 'the bear and the scary night' - this is my literacy big book


i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for this book, relating to the six areas of learning


also i am in a reception class with 19 children, how is your day managed in a reception class


mine is:




3 ability groupings:


1 focused a day (possibly two)

the other groups independant Literacy based activities





3 ability groupings:


1 focused a day (possibly two)

the other groups independant numeracy based activities




Then in the afternoon i am aimig for a quick (10 min) focused carpet session on something related to the topic e.g. real bears (geog) etc


i try to use my outdoor area as much as possible (as it is free flow now it is much easier)


im just worried about everything:

structure of my daily routine

assessment and recording childrens achievements - ive created different folders with the six areas of learning to stick photographs and sticy labels in to make sure i ahve all the evidence i need to fill in the profiles


plus; im an NQT: and i only started in Jan

really really want to get it right


any opinions on any of my issues would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Gemma


I teach in reception of28


Daily routine


Lit input

Lit focused activity other access free play or directed activites


Num input

Num focused activity with others accessing free play or directed activities.


KUOW Focus by teacher whilst Creative focus by nursery nurse with others accessing free play or directed activities.


PSE by teacher with a small group whilst nursery nurse does story

Ch are grouped into 3 ability groups and each activity takes a week to get through.


For assessment we have a box for each of the 6 areas all profile evidence is put in here.

For every focused activity we have a sheet with learing objective on and all the childrens names listed we then mark red if not acheived yellow if nearly and green if have achieved the objective.

These are kept in assessment file divided into the six areas and are photocopied as evidence for the profiles.

We also keep photos and sticky notes as evidence

Each child has a work file divided into the 6 areas and all their work is kept in here some of this is also used as evidence.


As for mtp plans for bears i am sure i have one somewhere i will look it out and post it on here prob be tomorrow now. I will keep thinking of ideas for your first book and get back to you!!



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thanks that would be appreciated


just dont know how to organse my day, that seems a good way to go, just want to get them up to scratch for september

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