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Using the new EYFS 2021 framework


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Please note the EYFS 2021 flag set was formerly called 'Development Matters 2020' on Tapestry. This was updated to incorporate the Birth to 5 documentation.


Before we get started, please note that the EYFS 2021 flag set encompasses both the Development Matters 2021 and Birth to Five Matters non-statutory guidance documents. Enabling this flag set will mean you can flag the seven areas of learning, and then aspects within, as well as seeing reference material pertaining to both documents. 

Now you have enabled the EYFS 2021 flags on your Tapestry account, you can start tagging the different areas within your observations. 

Firstly, we'll look at how to add an observation using the EYFS 2021 flags. 

To get started, simply go to the main Observations screen on Tapestry and click the blue "Add Observation" button. 




At the bottom, underneath the assessment frameworks you already have enabled, you will now see two boxes: Flags (1) and Reference Material (2). 




Let's cover the Flags box first.

Within this box you will see all the flag sets that you have enabled on your account. You can see how to enable the different flag sets here.

Flags are a very simple and quick way of linking something to an observation. Clicking on the EYFS 2021 button will bring up a new box where you can see the 7 areas of learning. Please note, you can only tag the area/aspect, not specific statements or pathways.

To select an area or aspect, click on the tick box at the end of the row for that area (1). To select an aspect (from the Birth to 5 documentation), click on the '+' button for an area (2). Please note that the area 'Mathematics' doesn't have a plus button because there are no aspects for it. 




Once you click on the '+' button you will then see the aspects from Birth to 5 underneath. 




From here, you simply select the area or areas that relate to this observation. Clicking out of this box will take you back to the observation with your flags selected. 

And that's it! To finish the Observation you will need to add a title and link a child. As always, you can add notes, additional information, media & documents, and make any links if you would like. 


Reference Material

This extra box to the right of your flag sets is called "Reference Material". This was designed to help practitioners get to know the new documents as well as providing on going CPD opportunities. 

Here you will find relevant documentation pertaining to your flags. These documents include (but are not limited to) the statements within the Development Matters document, Birth to Five Matters document, articles and podcasts. 

The reference material will automatically update depending on what flags you have selected and the age of the child tagged in the observation. This ensures you are provided with the most relevant information at the time. 

You can click on any of this reference material and it will be displayed to you in one of three ways. A new tab (1), a drop-down list (2), and a pop-up box (3). The icons on the side show you how each one will be displayed to you. 




Now you have the EYFS 2021 enabled, you will see an additional tab appear on your main home screen named "Flags".




This screen makes it very easy to filter within particular flag sets. For example, if you wanted to see all the observations you have made for "literacy", simply select EYFS 2021 within the Flag Set list (1). Then select "Literacy" from the Area list (2). You can refine this down even further by aspect if you have Birth to 5 Matters enabled (3).




This will automatically update and show you all observations containing that flag. 




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