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Remote Learning For Reception Children

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Apparently the government wants those isolating and accessing remote learning to have access to the full curriculum so that they can bring back work to be stuck in books etc as they would if they were in school. There is no official guidance on this, but my head has given those details as to what they are asking. 

We have currently been putting our Literacy, Phonics and Maths on to Tapestry for these children to access, but I am wondering what everyone else is doing? Ours does not always require a paper sheet and is more practical such as sorting groups of buttons into 2 piles for more/less and then taking a photo with comments. We have refrained from putting worksheets on to Tapestry as lots of parents complained at not having a printer. 

We will also need to put PE, Circle Time, EAD work on there too. 

How are you all collecting evidence and how are you providing remote learning? Any help appreciated! 


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Hi MrsWatts, and welcome to the FSF! 

I'm not currently teaching (although I have been a Reception teacher) and I appreciate the challenges being faced by teachers now. 

I wanted to point you in the direction of the infographics page on Tapestry.info. These are activity suggestions based on the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning, created by the education team here and designed specifically for parents to access at home, using what they have around them. We began making them during Lockdown, so there is quite a library now, and we are continuing with monthly ones from now on. They are pitched roughly at pre-school, but lots of the activities on each infographic have suggestions for those at a later (or earlier) stage of development. You can send these to families at home via Tapestry or whatever communication platform you're using, and encourage them to have a go, and record using photos, or whatever method they have available to them - and you could then print any learning they share. 

The point that you make about lots of families not having a printer is a really important one. Equality of provision is key - and also incredibly challenging to provide when faced with on and off home learning. 

I hope you find a solution for the children in your class. 


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Have you thought about doing video inputs for a session? 

I know my wife recorded a daily video during the last lockdown - just a quick maths input where she would model something using anything that could be found in a house (socks, shoes, cutlery etc) as resources. She then set them a challenge based on that - something like how many ways can you group 10 things. The parents then took photos and uploaded them back on to Tapestry for her to see. She would also do the same for a phonics session - introducing a sound and then a little game that they can either play by themselves or with a partner (parent or sibling). 

If she did attach a document such as something to write on, she always showed it and made it simple enough that a parent could easily recreate it at home themselves. 

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